Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Annyeong and Assalamualaikum :) 
je'awwwwwwwzzz, look at my bias , he's just so cute and perfect *sobs*

Ya Allah , school has been so so so  hectic lately that I just wanna kill myself tapi saya tak bodoh xD , especially during Ramadhan. With all those PBS shits , sorry government but I seriously think those PBS shits wasted a whole lots of trees. Pity pity , why not we have an exam-free world ? and simultaneously live in a green world. I'm a genius *flips hair* . naaaawhh , kidding. But seriously , I hate school . Cuaca pun gila panas sekarang ni like GODDDDD berpeluh-peluh wehh. All those non-muslims showing off their drinks , I feel like chopping their heads off. You disrespectful muggles ! Zohor and Asar are like heaven for me , because the ablution kolah's water sangat sangat sangat sejuk . Splash splash everywhere until kena marah by senior . and Wow olympic very the very of the very awesome :)  BTW , have you checked out the new login page of twitter or whatever you call it , so preetyyyyyyy xD

click and it'll grow grow grow~

LOL no sentimental posts for today. Just a crappy update *bad pokerface*

and you know what? All those posters that said , "Kalau ada masalah, datanglah ke bilik kaunseling" etc etc , are just so useless. The counselor doesn't even understands me *nobody does* and keep backing her up even though , ugh I just can't ishh. I have nobody to confront to, lol , even my mom , I just can't. My best friends? They did not understand me and never will do. Sorry guiseeee~ 

Oi crush , apahal kau perfect sangat ? >.<

annyeong ! :) *waves* 

Thanks for reading and may God bless you ! 

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